Shorten Your Learning Curve and Shave Years Off Attaining Your Massively Successful Coaching Business


Join us for this 3-day complimentary online course


August 31-September 2, 2020
noon Eastern / 9am Pacific

Day 1 – Marketing Presence 101
Be a brilliant lighthouse for your ideal clients

Day 2 – Position Yourself for Quick Success
Collapse years off of growing your dream coaching business

Day 3 – Have Your Ideal Clients Write Your Copy for You
Make your offers completely irresistible

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • WHY your clients really hire you and strategies to make your marketing like catnip to cats!
  • Time and energy management techniques that will bring in your ideal clients who will happily invest in themselves through you!
  • How to have cash-generating conversations that are honoring and lead your perfect client to easily and quickly register with you!

My role: Share the strategies that are working right now that will support you to attract your ideal clients in authentic ways, filled with ease and joy.

Your role: Be willing to attend all the sessions you can ‘live’ and do the homeplay (we don’t do homework here!) that is requested of you. (Homeplay can be done in less than 10 minutes per day.)

Here’s what clients are saying:

It was when I started working with Karen as my personal Business Coach that the “magic” happened! During the first month I closed my biggest contract ever for a Fortune 500 Company. In the following 3 months that we worked together, I signed 
I signed a new VIP coaching agreement every week that took care of my expenses for the whole year. And the new business just keeps on flowing!
–Rossella Pin, MCC


I knew I would receive value through my work with Karen, but I never could have dreamed it would translate to thousands of additional dollars in income. This is what Karen does – she takes what you already have, and she helps you to expand that in ways you had not considered possible before.
–Jamee Tenzer, PCC


What makes Karen unique is she really listens and “gets me.” She knows exactly which thread to pull to unravel my own blocks that reveal the greatness I already had inside, and she always finds that missing puzzle piece that I need to take the next step.
–Cheryl Thompson, CEO, CADIA


During our coaching time together, Karen had been encouraging me to ask for a higher coaching rate. Wouldn’t you know it, a potential client just happened to call me out of the clear blue sky? Sure enough, I requested (and received!) my premium VIP asking rate. I was elevated to a level I’d never been before.
–Chris Hazen-Molina, Heartfelt Workforce & Lifeforce


Within four months, I achieved my monthly income goals — which was two months ahead of my own expectation. Karen’s coaching also helped me decide on pacing that worked for me. I really like her motto, “Success with ease and joy,” because that has become my mantra!
–Andrea James, Solve for X Coaching


Get Ready to Boost Your Income with Authenticity!

About Karen Cappello

Karen Cappello, MCC has been supporting coaches to grow their businesses with ease and joy since 2002. In 2019, she was able to create $100,000 of income in less than 90 days (which was a stretch goal and surprised her more than anyone!). Now she is on a mission to help other coaches create their stretch goals in 12-week quick-start intensives.

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